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pollcyefforr to set feedback in his communityy promising to get california. chief in oakland beinn a police baltimore after comes to last month.... ed by council september...approv baats was let's lissen in. innplace tonighh..... finalll ttking place tonight..... let's listen in. in. battsswas unofficially sworr in bbck in september...approvlast month.... comee to baltimore after chief in oakland california. promising tt get feedback in his effort to set p,3 new onight at 3 police policy 3 new tonight at thht expanded gambling has been apppoved in of the biggest names in casino's ii readd to put down rrots in baltimore city. obamacare... untain coffee! how do you always have my favorite coffee? well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee and even hot cocoa, and you'll always find your favorite. with so many choices, keurig has everyone's favorite. and i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. obaaacare... experts say../. there... are... certain things... you should know
... fter shots ring out at a california plant. adam housley has the stooy. a gruesome scene at a chicken processing factory tueeday morningginnfresno. gunfire erupts... hiiting several workers at the apple valley farms plant.mos says: " is very scary, very surreal to see a crrme actually happen in front of yoo..." the suspect iddntified as 42 year oldd lawrence jones. police say jones moved methodically around the building... placing his handggn against the head or neck of his &pvictimssthennpulling thh trigger. chief jerry dyer/ fresno police dept. "... according to one oo his coworkers he did not appear to be himmelffwhen he came to work // he pulled oot a handgun and began opeeing fire on several of his co- workers..."" at least four people were shot. one pronouncedddead at the scene, another died after peing transported to the hospiial. police say jones off.chief jerry dyer / fresno olice dept. " s difficult to say at this point if ittwas a specific targgt ttat jooes was lookkng for,, again he had been inside forr somethiig that must have perra pater this evening. 3p people in... daly city, california../. having their wn problems... with this... water main break.../.the... massive amoont of water ...caused a mudslide ...that water... also caused... a... huge sinkhole ....o... open up....//auuhhrities... were unsure of the source of the water.../ think... t... cameefrom... a... wwter storage facclity... at the top of a hill...///. several blocks... were flooded.../ pnd... eight homes were evacuated. the citt's ethhcs board says it's can't keep tracc of who has...and hasn't submitted formm designed to ddscloss onlficts of innerest.closs run afoul of the ethics code h 3 says it can't keep track of all the forms which are now filed on paper.tte boaad admitted the llpse to the city's chief technology offiier duringgitts monthly meeting today. 22:33:42qq how do you keep track of people whoodo not file?"a: that's a work in rogr" ttchnology today say they coull fix the problem by alllwing employees toofile if you work ffll-time...and receivehealth beneffts and paid sick leave...consider yourself lucky.thousands
and former oakland, california police chief as hired in job since september. but batts may have hhs work cut out for -3& him. so ar... the number of homicides in the city ttis - yeaa is 189... 13-more than ttis time last year! 3 1144 our solutionnsare all based on police and we have to get outside of that, and we 3 communitt, we have to tap intt tap into our business community to hhlppus to go - further aad to becooe that saae city, to take on 3 philadelphia to be tte place 59be the place to come 59 59 3 batts sayy while the number of murders are up... he nntes 3 a... grand pury .... &pindicts... a howard county man ... accused... of... secretly videotaping... two women... in... their... ellicott ccty condo. was arresttd last -3 month ... after... police... reeeased this video... &pshowing him... setting up... & hidden cameras... inside the condo... on... montgomery road....///police.... believe... he knew... the womenn..
... at the university of california... says... &psomeone ...let... 200-- poldfish.... suffoccte on the lawn...///. who--ever... dumped thh fish... alss dumped dumped the who--ever...on the lawnn..///. suffocate golddish... suffocate on he lawn...///. who--ever... ddmped the fish... also dumped trash ...on the awn,.../ and... rummaged thru... unlocked the apparent prank is now - being handled by police. so farrthere are no susppcts. hello, i'm karen 3parks parks.. i'm... jeff barnd./. tonight ... first on fox.../ a... crime anddjustice investigatioo... into inappropriate comment ... ppsted on facebooo .../ byy.. a... ballimore ity... olice office/ officer.../. we rr not identifying the officer because he has not ffced any disciplinary action by the department. but s investigative reporter joy lepola explains... the raccally insensitive poot has proopted the police 3epartment to launch t's own 3 ((pkg-joy looks live)) it invvles a baltimore city pollic officer the officer who we are not -3 there's reason to believv that -
to stay on as he house democratic leader. ten years ago today. the &pcalifornia democrat mmde history as the first woman toyott is recalling more than 3 2-point-77million ehhcles waaer pump problem.the recall includes the prius hybrid... corolla..... and other mmdels producee in japannfrom the year 20000to 2012.this is the in recent months.the company sayy owners that are affecced will be notiiied by mail next month. pf you're ii a relationshhp n extra page with your name on ii... that you never knew about.turnssout... the social mediaasite is takkng information about userr whh are in a relationshhp... andd cceatinn detaiis &pyouu shhred ppsts andd both tagged ii. a new sandwich shop in boston &pis making nationall headlines... for its choice of . location."the earl of &psandwich" chain opened up sho on monnay... on the boston puiiling was built in the t - p9-20's as √°bathroom√°... unused for several decades. the sandwich coopany paad to renovate tte building... and 50-thhusand dollars a year for ccming upp.. one man discovers his long-lost twwn... in aapiece of artwwr
the uniqueebird and reptile species that live 3bllck fridayyis more than a week away... but in california... shoppers are alleeay startiig to camp ouu season.this is video out of san diegoo.. where some eager residents don't want to miss out n some early buyssimagine how loog that lineewill be by this timeenext week! 3 3 one of thh more unique hooiday traditions is underway in columbia thii morning.. nearly 700 pllnts are being transformed into somethinggelse. at the "mall in columbia" to see how they do it, and ore &psay "poinsettii" good morning joel d. d. 3 3 3 3 he's been voted people magazine's hh's been voted he's been voted people maggzine's "sexiest man live." aaive."actor ccanning tatum... who had a big year starrrng in "tte vow"... "21 jump street" and "maaic mike"... saas he was surprised by the news.the joke oo him at first.tattm is a native of alabama..uringghis free time... he enjoys sculpting.he also enjoos quoting eedar allen poe. coming up.... she had one of hollywood's longest marriages... and never eeen knew it!how actress jaaeane garofolo wass arried for 20 years.
... for some... east coasters... to travel..../ two... california.... fixed... its refinery to pay aboou ... 3-51... a gallon... in maryland.../. maryland.../.find... the eet gas priies... in our neighborhood.../ fox-baltimore dot om... slash 3 3 new tonight at 5:30...a huge surprrse for authorrties wwen arundel county.why animal control had to be ssmmoned... 3 and another robocall controversy in maayland. joy lepola finds out what 3 a mannis critical conditiin tonight after being attacked in the middle of the ay... in downtown baltimore. -3 baltimore.police say "john mason" has been in an inddced near lombard and howard -3 streets. officiaas belieee it was an ttempted robbery...but &pnothing was ttken from mason. he suffered3 skull fractures. and doctors say mason even had footprints on his head. police are looking at securityy video to try and get more leads. 3 friday... / petween ...5 ...and 7 a-m.../ a... out... for a ruu.../ - when ... she sa
in our aaea are onoring veterans.. with some great freebies todaa. california pizza kitchen.. veterans and active duty military get free pizza.. pizzaa..t friendlys.. theyycan grab free breekfass and a cup of coffee coffeeat golddn corral.. they can saddle up to a free dinner. sizzler.. vets an enjoy a free lunch. can get a free bloomin onion and drink. 3 love letters... - byymick jagger... are up for sa. sale.marrha hunt... the mother of his first child... is auctiooing off love letters bill.hunt was the inspiratton y for jagger's song, "broww suugr"... which was one offthe rolling stooes' ore controversial songs.hunt is hoping tooraise the equivalent of at least 111-thousand dollars from the response yee from mick jagger. poming up... coming up... showing off your purple pride... at work.the easy ways to incorporrte the color in your lloo... wwthout going overboard. 3mixing up delicious drinkss.. named in honor of man's bestt friend.the pet-themed'rr watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. ((bump out)) ((break 11) [ ma
, california august.. and has been on the job since september. batts mayy have his wwrk ut out for him. so far... the number of homicides n the city this year is 189... 13-more than this time last year! vvterans day is this weekend, but some schoolssare making sure their students is to honor thhse who have serv. served. jjel d. smith is &pleadership is taught everyddy but this morning they are experiencing it firss hand. d. dr. lorraine fultonhead f gerrtell aacdemm 33 3 3 nine yyar ld sam gordon weighssless than 60 pounns... the tiniist player on a salt lake city football game... and scored 25 touchdowns the first follow blocks like a college football player.but what you don't know is... am.. is a gir! girl!sam's proud father was so impressed with her abilities on the field, he comppled a video of her highlights...and put it on the quickly went viral!the video ssows saa ootrunning ll the boys... eaaning the nickname "sweett feet." several navy seals... careers.. are practically over! over!the top secret information they leaaed... and who they llaked it to! to! you're wa
left &&p a california couple i setting records... with the birth oo their triplet boys. that's becaase for the first time ever... the trippett weighed a collective total of 20 pounds at birth.the previous record for tripletss was just over 18 pounds. the motherrit's all because of how much she atee they say eating for two,,you really were eating for four? i was eating or like 17! the mothee addits she needed to eat about √°66thousand pregnancy. ay during her - coming up... we haven't ggtten a winner our "thanks givvaway" contest.that means we'll draw another name.. for yoor shottat winning a 100-dollar visa gift card... pust minutes from now. ttat is not an airplane, that is not a helicopter, those are not biids. i can't identify it. &p and a bizaare sighting... under investigation.where this unideetified object was spotted... and how the f-a-a is're watching ffx 45 morninggnews.. all local.. all orning. &p3 all morning. news.. all watching ffx 45 morning neww.. a 3 eneral david petraeus is expected to go before the house intelligence comm
joel . d. 3 p3 blaak friday is more than a week away... but in california... shoppers are already starttng to amp ut seasonnthis is video out of san diego....whhre some eager reeidents don't want to misss out on some early buys.imaaine how long that line will be by this time ext week! 3 coming up... 3&pnew questions are surfaccng. about michael jackson'ssdeath. death.who the late pop star's personal assistant thinks... is tt blame. you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. ((break 5)) meteorologist)) 3 3 -3 3 3 3 3 3 3 cominggup... 3 3 coming up... new questionn today... about michael jackson's deathhwho the late pop star's personal blame...'re watching fox 45 morninn news.. all local.. all morning. [ male announcer ] what can you experience in a seat? inspiration. great power. iconic design. exhilarating performance. [ race announcer ] audi once again has created le mans history! [ male announcer ] and once in a great while... all of the above. take your seat in the incomparable audi a8. take advantage of exceptional values on the audi a8
's spent the months before he died has sold.a broker in california sold the seventeen-thousand-square-foot los anggles house for 18-point-one-milliin-dollars. the guy who owns ed hardyy had been rreting the home to jackson for 100- thousand-dollars a month.they &pwont say who bought it..but sources say it was aa investment firr... 3&speaaing of houue sales... usher raymonds ex wife tameka out from under her... ursher baay bought the houseewhen for 3 million dollarsas part &pof their divorce settlement tammka wws allowed toostay there...but noowhe's put the 6 bedroom 77bathroom house up ffr sale...he's aakingg$332 million..we exoect that will dropin this ecooomy. but upset... she is a successffl stylisttand doesnt needd 3 and emembee that interview i told you liidsay lohan was going to do with barbara wlaters??? ell it didn't happen... you dd not blow knowwshe came ut swining. barbs said lindsays people it... but then lindasy pppprently did anninterview ms. walters fuming..she saas want er asked any tough questtons they shouldve just ssid that... liz and dick the pp
was the florida card. the assumption since 2000 was you have to win florida. california, new york are no longer in play. for republicans you have to win texas and florida to move forward. >> a call to make here. the state of massachusetts the senate race much talked about for months on end in massachusetts, the first woman his to win an office of t kind in the state of massachusetts and "fox news" projects it is a done deal. this is a gain for the democrats and a loss for the republicans. elizabeth warren has beaten scott brown knocks news state of for the massachusetts. a democratic strategist, how did this happen. >> there was no outside money and an $80 million race. she became a good candidate r time. she helped tremendously was helped by the convention in charlotte as many democrats were and the debates. scott brown hurt himself badly in the debates. he came off as someone they didn't recognize. angry and defensive. huge win for massachusetts. barnd.elloo i'm jeff barnn. pilbert. fox45 is youu home ll nighh with vote 2012. 2012. we bringing you up to the minutes resslls on the ttree ball
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14